Many of us have heard from various sources about different recruitment agencies that are working around us. But a large number of people do not apply for work there because they simply are not aware of what those agencies are and how they work. Temp agencies are those agencies that hire professionals “temporarily”. These are beneficial for both the employers and the employees. Whenever someone is looking to hire personnel for any job for and need those personnel urgently and cannot afford to lose a lot of time on hiring process, they simply contact these recruitment agencies who are also known as staffing agencies. These agencies then provide them with personnel that have already been interviewed by the temp agency and save a lot of time. 

On the other hand, when someone has been looking for a job for a very long time but is unable to find the job matching his skills and his experience, they go to these recruitment agencies. They are interviewed and categorized by the temp agency according to their talents and skills. So whenever some company is looking for any individuals, the agencies give them the person related to their demand that is already in their database. So the workers in this way also get a chance for getting a long term job. Therefore, these recruitment centres work as a bridge between the employees and the employers.  

The interview

The interviews at agencies are somewhat easier than the interviews that are carried out by the companies. Whenever you go to any temp agency for an interview, the first thing they will do is they will hand out a form or application to you. You have to fill in the relevant fields which will include some of your personal information; you contact information, your skills, your educational background, your field or expertise and your relevant experience in that field. After you have filled out the form, they will carry out a short interview to judge your communication skills and other personality traits that are required for the job. It is also a good idea to take your resume with you which contains all the relevant information. After the interview, they will add all your information and your resume in their database and will get back to you as soon as they have a job opening in the relevant fields. 


What does temp agency get out of their job? 

The temp agency is there to bridge the gap between different employees and the various personnel that are looking for jobs. They will take some commission from the employees and some from the personnel that are going to have a job through them. The employers find the suitable employees, the unemployed find suitable jobs and the temp agency gets their commission. Thus a win-win situation for all the parties is ensured.